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Legal Charges Of Adhar Card ⌠Correction Charge

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has come up with a unique id concept i.e. Adhar card. It is a unique identity for every individual. Adhar is a 12 digit no. It is valid across the country.

What’s unique?

Adhar card takes biometric of a person which ensures that there will not be any fraudulent. For example, one person can not issue two Adhar no at a time. With this brilliant feature, aadhar is mandatory for many for many schemes or services launched by government to ensure there is not corruption or foul play.

Charges of AADHAR

Many people are confused about the charges for making Adhar card because different centers ask for different amount of money. But it is your right to pay the amount which is real. There are various services available in adhar centre and different services have different fees. Following are the different services and their charges.

♦AADHAR enrollment

This is the very initial service for which we go to adhar centre. This service is completely free.

♦Mandatory Biometric update for children

As you all know that Adhar card can be issued to children of less than 5 years of age. As the child attains the age of 5 or 15, his/her adhar card must be updated. This updation is mandatory and hence it also bears no Charge. This service is also completely free.

♦Other Biometric Update

If you want to update any biometric data other that the one mentioned above, you need to pay some charge. And the charge is Rs. 25

♦Demographic Update

If you want to update Name, Date of birth, gender, address, mob no. etc, you need to pay Rs 25.

♦Adhar Search and print out of Adhar

If you want to search your Adhar card online and want to print Black & White copy of your Adhar card in A4 sheet, then it will cost you Rs. 10 only. In case you want to print colored copy on A4 sheet then it will cost you Rs 20.

NOTE: If you have any complaint regarding adhar card, feel free to call on 1947 (toll free).

The above rules and guidelines come from the UIDAI, Regional Office, Chandigarh.


  1. I am an adhar operator.
    I purchase adhar machine in 120000rs,
    By taking loan @ 5% per month
    Take a shop in 6000 monthly rental, living on rent 7000 per month
    I am a graduate unemployed.
    But also register my self as adhar operator. I pay 50000 security for adhar enrolment center.
    Now only 5-10 people come to my shop and every day but not fix for enrolment.

    I take fees i earn on 6000 approx in one month. And UIDAI block my id.

    Now who is responsible for my emloymwnt and intrest on loan. Govt will give me employeement or govt will pay my loan 300000 approx

    How govt says adhar is free.
    Is govt providing any space for adhar enrolment, or machine or loan or any salary or assurity of nos of customer excluding a commision of 30 rs per enrolment payable in 6 month.
    (100- 200rs per day approx)
    My investment cost is 2500 per day including all cost.

    What is base of free adhar enrolment

    I am really very dis appointed.

    I am against this rule, dear govt please justify me price of enrolment

    My no 9990833760
    I dont have money to file a case against govt

    1. Kisi ne kaha tha kya ki aadhar panjiyan center le ab ro mat jab govt free kari hai to tu kya paise kamane ke liye kaam liya hai

    2. Bhai tumhari baat logical he. Isme investment jyada he or commission kum he.
      Yaha par me ye kahana chahunga ki isme apna naam chhupane ki koi jarurat nahi.
      Ab aap chup mat rahiye apne sath hue anyay ko har jagah

  2. Kya mobile number update karne k liye 100 rupees charge hai

    1. 25 hi lene chahiye...par yaha ssb mann maani chal rahu hai aur yaha govt dhyaan nahi de rahi...kaise hoga desh curruption free...Jai Hind

    2. When i went to adharcard center for correction in my father name.then he said to me 200rs charges for correction. this is not reasonable price.

  3. Kya mobile number update karne k liye 100 rupees charge hai

    1. It is completely free and if anyone charge for the same you can file complaint against them in UIDAI.

  4. Kya mobile number update karne k liye 100 rupees charge hai

  5. Then what is the amount to be paid for corrections u should mention it they charge blindly we should get a receipt which is not given by them

  6. kya adhar ka pura address change karne ka kitna charga hota he

    reply plz................ fast

    1. No need to pay money
      you can update photo Govt ID proof and Change your address
      total 5 times you can change your address.
      for this why you want to pay money???????

  7. Hey you guys, can't you read what has been written in above article? Why every individual is asking fee separately??? The article is good enough and provides sufficient information.

  8. I enrolled for aadhar today and was charged Rs 300. I wasnt aware that the service is free. How and to whom should i complain.

  9. i was asked to pay rs 200 for enrolment which i didnt. My status shows my enrolment doesn't exist.what should i do?

  10. i paid Rs 100 for address change instead of Rs 25. operator charged at kalol(Gujarat).

  11. operator charged Rs 100 for updation at kalol

  12. Jiska adhar gum ho gya ho uska duplicate aadhar kitne ka milega

  13. You all are charging for correction and taking Rs 100 not giving any receipt Why are you crying no reason

  14. please follow the uidai rules otherwise you will be arrested by police.

  15. Is there any Centre? Where we can get corrected our Aadhar card details? At government prescribed rates. Or any contact details where one can complain about excess charges charged by such centers?

  16. Dab k sab choor hai jab aadhar ban aate hai tak saari information dete hai but phone no. Aur mail id nahi enter karte hai baad main 50 se 300 rs tak charge karte hai muj buri dene padte hai kuki koi direct complaint nahi hoti

  17. I was earlier charged 260 and then when I argued using this site as a proof, he still charged me 50 per person giving an excuse that the government doesn't pay him anything

  18. I'm pay 120 rupee for only link mobile no. It's right or wrong

  19. I'm pay 120 rupee for only link mobile no. It's right or wrong

  20. all of you are right. Operator charge because he do not get his commission from his agency. 99% agency not paying govt commission to operator. and if any agency paying it will take 5-6 month.
    now the question is what should we do?
    i suggest all operators to charge appropriate money. it is not good to charge even 50 rs for mobile update. i think 25 is enough for mobile update.if an operator think it is too low for his work he should quit aadhar work. if there will be no operator people will understand there importance. now i suggest to people who need to update aadhar please check the website of uidai contains enrollment center list and call them check the price difference and go for cheapest. thanks and don't take personally.