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How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers


Everyone is concerned about his/her Facebook account security now-a-days, they should be, as many Facebook accounts get hack every day. Hacking a Facebook account become a game for many computer savvy people. Though, Facebook has very strong security but still some genius brains succeeds to hack a Facebook account. You need to know some points that will help to keep your Facebook account secure from hackers.

Someone can hack your Facebook account if your security level is weak. Now, one question must arises on your mind that what exactly a weak security is?? Is it simple or not?? Don’t worry.. read this full article and you will get all the answers, and believe me, its very simple.

Tips To Protect Facebook Profile From Being Hacked

  • Hide your email address from Facebook: People can hack your Facebook account by gaining access to your email account (gmail,yahoo, etc.). So it is recommended to hide your email address from Facebook.
  • Turn On secure browsing: Don’t ever login to your Facebook account on a Wi-Fi network without enabling secure browsing, as you might get hacked within a second. (Software like Firesheep can be used to attempt such method to hack a Facebook account by stealing cookies)
  • Don’t accept friend request of unknown person: Facebook have a feature to recover your password by selecting three trusted friends (in case you have forget your password). This featured can be misused by someone to hack your account. So, I strongly recommend you to not accept any friend request from unknown person as it might be a fake id created by someone just to hack your Facebook account.
  • Don’t click on unknown links: Don’t ever click on the links which you are not familiar with. If you received a message from someone asking you to click on the particular link and after clicking the link your are redirect to the Facebook  login page, then I am sure someone is trying to hack you by creating a fake login page (in such case, never type your username and password). So, be careful and don’t click on the specious links to protect your Facebook account.
  • Choose a strong password: Always put combination of number and symbols as your password. Password should not be identical to your name, date of birth, mobile number etc. These type of passwords can be easily guessed by someone. Always choose a unique password with combination of alphabets, symbols and number (you may also use upper case and lower case letters, this will make your password very strong).
  • Don’t grant permission to unknown Facebook application: Some Facebook applications genuinely want personal information but some applications are created just to gain access to someone Facebook account. So it is better not to use or grant  permission to those application which you are not familiar with.
Always keep these points on your mind and keep you Facebook account secure.

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